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Rec Change is an Online Scoring Festival for musicians interested in Film Scoring and/or Game Audio.

Soundtracks are created to raise awareness on a specific social topic

Fundraise Money through Competition entries

What are we fundraising for?

USD 1,200.00

Rec Change Operations

(Cash Prizes + Online Website Maintenance)

USD 3,800.00

Barrio Maya Charity

Let's help fundraise 3 music video productions for Barrio Maya students.

Barrio Maya ("Mayan Neighborhood") is a comprehensive educational program focused on promoting artistic expressions in the Mayan language, through the musical professionalization of young people in the Yucatan Peninsula.

We do everything we can to maintain our operation costs low so that much of the percentage per entry is destined to charity. However, it takes a lot of resources to create each competition. This will be different once we get sponsors who can support us with cash.

We transform talented composers into agents of social change without leaving their home studios.

Francisco Sokolowicz, Composer

 Rec Change is a great and unique competition: within the context of composing music for film you are, actually, helping to spread an important message that need to be in the agenda. 

Gonzalo Basterra, Composer

I’m always looking to promote and raise awareness of social issues. Rec Change contributing to the cause makes it one of the most valuable Film Scoring competitions out there. The world needs more events like this and I loved being part of it.

Purchase Early Entry to Competitions:

(20% discount before Competitions begin on May 1st)

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