August 7th - September 1st

Early Entry

August 7th - August 9th

US$ 10.00*

Regular Entry

August 9th - August 22nd

US$ 15.00*

Late Entry

August 23rd - September 1st

US$ 20.00*

Taxes not included*

Upon registration, you agree to Rec Change's Official Rules.

After Registration

Each participant will download the film via the button "2. DOWNLOAD SHORT FILM" under Steps for Entering The Film Scoring Competition section.


Score the short film. 


(Instrumentation and placement of the music is solely up to the composer)

September 2nd
12.00 PM GMT

This is your deadline.


Make sure you upload and register your entry via the button "4. UPLOAD & REGISTER" under Steps for Entering The Film Competition section, no later than the deadline shown above.

winners announced

September 9th

3 Overall Winners will be Announced​

(With the amount of competitors, we don't send individual critiques to participants)

deadline day



For Everyone.

The Competition is open to all musicians and composers regardless of professional status, age, education, and/or background.

Our Terms.

All participants must accept the REC Change structure and content, mission statement, participant tasks and winner awards.

The Rules.

All participants must accept and comply with the Competition’s legal and regulatory terms and conditions. For more information, please read the Official Rules page.

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